Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I normally don't rant,  even work at not ranting.   Typically I don't read rants. I try to stay positive and responsible, even when I'm upset, especially when I'm upset. But I HATE the new AT&T ad campaign!!!

The first few times I saw it, I was merely irritated - and confused.  What are they thinking?  Faster is better.  More is better.  Bigger is better.  Not preferable, but better.  Faster, more, bigger - not reliable or dependable. 

Using kids to promote their message -  the irritation became annoyance.   Normally, I enjoy seeing kids in ads, but these kids should be seen, and not heard!  "More, more, I want more." Ugh!

John suggests that the purpose of the campaign may be merely to get the audience to connect AT&T immediately to the ads.  If so, it's a smashing success.  But I thought that advertising was intended to convince you to buy the product or service.  Whereas I do find the ads using a panel of basketball icons to be an improvement over those using kids, I still find these latter ads to be especially grating and objectionable.  So objectionable that I would not subscribe to the service, even if I could, or would cancel it if we did.

Now, I recognize that I don't have to watch them.  If an ad appears during a taped program, I fast forward through it.  If it appears during a program currently airing, I mute the sound, even switch to another channel to avoid it.  Yet, its very appearance can get me muttering.

I also recognize that I could express my distaste to AT&T, but given that  4G service isn't available in our area - and I'm definitely not in their demographic target - I doubt it would be received as anything other than an amusing piece of trivia.  (And that irritates me, too!).

And I recognize that I may be in a very tiny minority of folks who dislike this campaign, but I can dream, can't I?

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