Saturday, February 18, 2012

If Not Now, When?

A week ago today, my birthday, the beginning of not just another year but another decade. Striking how different this birthday felt from last year's.  I had just dissolved my business of 25 years, was anxious about selling a house in the depressed Vegas market, wondering and worrying about how we'd get to St. George, what retirement would hold for both of us.

Today, only one year later, we're settled, both comforable, both enjoying continuous ed courses, meeting new people.  Checking out restaurants, catching matinee movies on an impulse, developing new hobbies.  Becoming better companions than ever in our 29 year marriage.

No longer any caregiving responsiblities. Secure. Healthy. Engaged. Content.

So, if not now, when? The question that hit me this morning. Nothing to prevent me from -
  • learning Italian
  • exploring Utah in an RV
  • reading all of Jane Austen (never have!)
  • learning to line dance
  • taking a calligraphy class, or ceramics, or photography or...
  • taking a cruise to Alaska or...
  • visiting Venice?
Yup, if not now, when?