Monday, November 14, 2011

So Many Books, So Little Time

Recently, I came across one of my "special" journals, a journal devoted to one topic. Like the one I kept after my divorce when I was so angry with virtually every man I had ever known.  Got to find that and burn it!

This volume contains brief reviews of the books I read one year. Mostly was a stressful year and mysteries have always offered a respite from the stresses of life. Somewhere there's a journal with reviews of Steinbeck, Maughm, and Hemingway. I also tend to read by author.

Rereading these reviews has brought back some pleasant memories. But more important, I can see how much my tastes have changed and grown. Mysteries still beckon me - Donna Leon, Louise Penny, Andrea Camillieri read this past summer. On my Kindle, however, Wendell Berry, a book of essays, a National Book Award winner, and on my bedstand, David McCullough and a book of haiku.  Not bad for someone who didn't read a novel until high school.

Haven't kept up recording book reviews.  Maybe if I did, I wouldn't be finding duplicates.

Looking forward to finding other special journals, particularly my old gratitude journals, to seeing if there are patterns, threads that run through the fabric of my life.  Seeing if something I wrote years ago may still be on a list recently
compiled. Because this is a practice I have maintained, every night now for over 30 years.

As I'm typing this in the evening, seems appropriate to end with today's gratitude list...on this day I am grateful for -

  • the spontaneous movie matinee with my husband
  • roses from our new rose garden - in November, no less!
  • a warm afghan and a cup of tea on a chilly afternoon
  • the call from my brother to recommend yet another book I "have to read"
  • and being able to 

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